About In Vivo Scientific

InVivo Scientific was founded in 2005 by Michael Ward M.D., PhD along with Barney and Kellie Boyce. Dr. Ward was doing neuronal research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where he purchased a microscope to do long term live cell microscopy. Dr. Ward’s images continually went in and out of focus do to temperature fluctuations. Dr. Ward tested numerous systems and found all of them lacking the ability to regulate temperature evenly across the full field of an 18mm cover slip. He found that the only way to truly regulate the temperature was to create a system where all of the air flowed in the same direction. All other systems allowed for random air flow throughout the chamber and therefore could not be certain that the temperature was the same throughout the chamber.
His idea of a directed airflow came from his experiences as a research scientist. Dr. Ward continues to implement all new product design as well as setting the direction of In Vivo Scientific. It is invaluable to have Dr Ward as the chief scientist as he continues to work in the lab and with live cell microscopy on a daily basis. He has since moved from Washington University Medical School to the University of California-San Francisco Medical School and has recently opened his own lab at NIH.

Kellie Boyce, with experience at the director level of several telecommunications companies, runs the business. She also works with any customer who needs help with their system.

Barney Boyce, with 16 years experience working for a microscope dealer, has taken over the duties of sales manager. With his experience with microscopes, he helps in the design and functionality of the systems to ensure they fit each scope.